MC Composer

We are currently in the programming phase of our most exciting product to date, which will soon be released. We will be offering this evolutionary software as a download and as an on line program, both of which will be accessible through this web site. Imagine having years of music theory study wrapped up in an extremely sophisticated and comprehensive resource, where just about any musical possibility is at the tips of your fingers. The amount of energy and time that have gone into the development of this software is enormous. It represents the over ten-year and ongoing graduate research of our chief developer, into the field of music composition and musicology. This program will help provide for you an endless array of musical possibilities in order to expand your compositional vocabulary at the same time creating a bridge to actualization.

With this powerful program at your fingertips, you will be able navigate the wonderful and complex world of music theory with just the touch of a button. The program is designed to be very user friendly. You will be able to create sophisticated compositions and print them out in order to convey your music through your own musical instrument. The program is completely interactive and every information window references all the other windows, being interdependent upon one another to give you a great deal of versatility and control. You will be able to hear any chord or scale you wish to hear and be able to create a wide range of musical progressions and modulations. It is the ultimate in music theory applications. With just a few minutes on board this musical navigator, you will begin to grasp what the greatest composers and musicians of all time have done for centuries. It's like having all the great composers' secrets at the tips of your fingers!

MC Converter

We are also working to develop software that will convert any music media source, such as audio files printed music, to several forms of Musical Colors notation.


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