Musical Colors Bundles

MC Bundle $21.95 -
Includes sticker sets for all 4 instruments (steel & nylon string guitars, violin and keyboard instrument.


Band (Coming soon.)

Orchestra (Coming soon.)

Classrooms (Available for Guitar, Violin or Keyboard)

Custom Orders (for specific requests) Contact MC

All of the above instrument stickers include an interactive color-coded music theory instructional leaflet that is based on a well-rounded curriculum proficiency level, from beginner to expert. If you are dissatisfied with any one of our products, we will promptly refund your payment upon request, however, we are entirely confident that once you use Musical Colors, you will be thrilled with our products and your newfound musical discoveries.

Once you have acquired your Musical Colors package and have installed our color-coded stickers on your instrument, come back to this website to check out our latest developments and online resources available to our customers.


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