Musical Colors Cartoon Episodes

Hey kids… Have you ever wondered where magic comes from? Where it lives and who’s in charge of it, or what it’s even made of? What would happen if one day you got a hold of this magic? Could you learn how to fly? What would you do with magic?

Some say that once you grab a hold of it you can never let it go. Others say, that if you come across it, you better believe in it or it may turn on you or even disappear! We all know there are many stories about magic. Our stories begin with five curious children who set out to find magic. They have been told that somewhere, through the woods, sits an old White Crystal Castle, which was once very magical and that it houses an old man once known as the White Wizard.

Our crafty kids soon discover the possibility of a long lost musical magic hidden deep within this mystical but not forgotten abode. However, they are going to have to face many adventures before they can ever answer any riddles about this magic. If they can unlock the secrets the old man holds, then magic may live with them forever! And if you help the children discover these secrets, who knows, you too may learn a trick or two.

So who could the Red Dragon, the Orange Eagle, the Yellow Fairy, the Green Gargoyle and the Blue Angel be? And why are they inside a giant Purple Bubble? Well, we can only tell you that... the Purple Bubble has the power of the musical note B, the Blue Angel has the power of the musical note A, the Green Gargoyle has the power of the musical note G, the Yellow Fairy has the power of the musical note F, the Orange Eagle has the power of the musical note E, the Red Dragon has the power of the musical note D and the White Crystal Castle has the power of the musical note C. If you are still a kid at heart, these stories will bring out the Musical Wizard in you!


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