The curriculum that has been implemented and continuously developed at Musical Colors is based on extensive trials and research with elementary school children in Arizona (within the Tucson Unified School District), kindergarten school children in Tian-Jin, Northern China, and many other individuals and professionals within the music community. Musical Colors has been instructed in actual classes and we have done our homework as to the type of impact Musical Colors has on students. Over time we have identified what works and what does not. Several Curriculums are in final stages of being prepared, so that all types of teachers may bring this inspiring approach to music.

Studies are also being done to see how this type of musical instruction impacts other subjects and standards, while simultaneously meeting educational standards in music. This is the true power of any educational curriculum. Color can spark the interest and desire of children to learn music, as well as help the student excel in other subjects such as science, math or the visual and performing arts.

Color can also help create educational bridges where there might have been only learning difficulties or conceptual impasses and the use of color has shown itself repeatedly to be an invaluable tool especially for educators who have students with special needs. If all of this is possible, color can surely open up for us all many new ways of relating to the study of music.

For Kindergarten and Elementary school children, the curriculum revolves around the story of an old White Wizard who sits in his White Crystal Castle, waiting for brave children to visit him. Five children set out to find the Crystal Castle in order to get the Wizard's White Crystal and learn how to fly. When they find the Wizard inside his Castle, they conspire together to steel his magical Crystal. But the Wizard eventually tricks them in the end and traps them all inside a giant Purple Bubble.

He consequently grants their deepest wishes to fly, however in doing so, he turns them all into creatures according to the five children's colorful musical note characteristics (i.e. Red (D)ragon, Orange (E)agle, Yellow (F)airy, Green (G)argoyle and Blue (A)ngel). He tells the children that they will remain forever in his castle, flying inside his Purple (B)ubble and making music for his enjoyment. But the five flying creature children come up with several musical plans to pop the purple bubble, reach the White (C)rystal, break the spell and escape the Wizard's crystal castle to return home. Kids simply love it! C D E F G A B C


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