The objective and purpose of the company, Musical Colors, is to introduce a relatively new teaching tool that has been systematically developed in order to increase the overall musicianship of music students. It not only aids the student in becoming acquainted with difficult concepts in Music Theory, but also allows the student to apply these concepts to a wide range of musical instruments, including string and keyboard instruments. This is all accomplished through the use of color. The tool is not meant to replace the study of music or of musical instruments. Rather, it sets up an internal extension to an existing musical instrument; specifically a visual color coded fingering display of all possible musical notes for that given musical instrument, that aids in this process. This display is physically applied to a particular instrument’s fret board and neck or keyboard, through the use of a series of stickers especially designed for that very instrument. Furthermore, different learning manuals are included, which contain color-coded musical scales, chords, progressions and modulations. This provides the student with a simple but extremely powerful and useful resource. There are several reasons why this tool excels in its own application and surpasses the usefulness of other existing learning aids.

First off, the product uses color. It has been well documented that the application of color increases mental retention and improves the overall attention span of people in general, especially children.

Second, like many successful systems, it is simple and elegant, having the versatility to encompass any level of proficiency, from novice to expert.

Third, it is an extremely viable product; not only because of the enormous market for new and improved musical instruments and their respective learning systems, but also because this tool inherently possesses the power to replace or enhance many existing products.

It is the goal of this company to elevate this system, through its public educational use, both private and institutional, to the level of a standard system in music notation. In so doing, Musical Colors will join in the rank of the standard tablature and photo notation systems that are already in existence and currently being used by many student and professional musicians throughout the world today.

We are developing professional relationships with companies and school districts in order to bring this wonderful curriculum to students. To do this as educators, we must recognize learning systems, which unite our many diverse backgrounds, and we must come together and pledge ourselves to these causes when in agreement. Musical Colors will bridge a very important gap between struggling musicians and the enormous amount of music theory information available to them.


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