"When I was involved in my undergraduate studies in music composition, I developed this colorful method out of my necessity to recall musical notes and apply music theory to my main instrument, the classical guitar. I soon realized that the possibilities for pedagogical instruction, using this simple idea, were awesome. I began to create a manual of color-coded scales and chords in order to accelerate my learning. I then began to use these same principals to instruct children on the foundations of structure in music. Children caught on very quickly just as I understood very clearly that children learn better when they are having fun. We all know that color is the primary tool for creating structure in our world today. My goal is to bring this simple science of musical color back into our understanding of how music is structured and I have made it the focus in my graduate studies in musicology. With over a decade of experience using this method and I have instructed many children with Musical Colors. Every child that I have encountered has come away from the experience with a solid sense of what music is and what its building blocks are made of. Finally, I would like to close by saying that I am not only a teacher of this method, but that I am also an ongoing student of Musical Colors. This experience has given me new insight into the world of music and I have benefited greatly from it. Musical Colors has opened many new doors for me. Because of my simple approach to understanding music, I have continued to explore new ways of relating to music, which has given me much recognition in the professional world. I hope to be able to help children around the world expand their knowledge and tap their inner creativity for music appreciation through the timeless use of color."
- Michael Wiley (Chief Developer at Musical Colors)

Spending quality time with your child is precious and irreplaceable. When that time is spent learning something together, it is a rare opportunity to grow with your child. Even watching your child learn by themselves or with others, is an amazing and rewarding experience. This is a very simple color-coded system that will help you and your child see music in a new light and unlock the musical wizards within you both. You and your child will be able to see notes and scales as well as chords anywhere on an instrument fret board, fingerboard or keyboard and begin to discover music through your own creativity.

Faster, easier and better visual finger placement techniques and memorization will boost your child's improvisational skills and confidence. There is no need for costly contemporary lessons and tutors. You both can learn music quickly with color-coded musical instruments displaying the ancient use of color and music now. It's been done for ages. Remember, "You can learn music to play but you play music to learn. Music is fun, so play!"


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